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Drum Tabs And How To Read Them

We have just released an entire new resource for our drum teachers to enable them to easily teach their students how to read and play along to drum tablature. This can be found in your control panel on our website in the lesson resources once you have signed up and chosen the lessons as part of your...

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Young Female Drummer Required To Earn Money

Calling all of our drum teachers. We have just received a call from a London based casting researcher thats currently looking for female child drummers aged 7 – 10 years (from all over the UK) for an exciting online commercial for a well known shopping brand. Successful candidates will be paid...

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New Bristol Drum Teacher For Lessons

Ben Docwra is a professional drummer/percussionist. He has a Degree in contemporary music performance from the London Centre of Contemporary Music which provides an advanced knowledge of drumming styles, rudiments, techniques, reading and limb independence.

Ben gained valid teaching experience...

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Free Sample & Loops For Drummers To Play Along With.

Wouldn’t it be great if there we tracks out there that you could play along to without drums, just with other musicians (without them being physically there? This has led us to doing a project, with young musicians starting out in mind. We have decided to create some free drum loop packs so...

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Private lessons With Top Drummer Hugo Danin

One of the Worlds most respected jazz drummers, is giving you the chance to have private lessons with him at our My Drum Lessons teachers drum studio in Leeds. In his drumming, Hugo Danin demonstrates its passion and dedication to the improvised music, more specifically by the Jazz that very early...

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Video Of Top Drum Tutor Showing How He Teaches.

Top drum tutor Matt Dean shows you how to use the My Drum Lessons lesson templates to easily teach drum students. This video show’s Matt discussing how he goes about structuring a lesson and then using the lesson sheets to provide to the student for extra curriculum support. More drum teacher...

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My Drum Lessons interview Emily Dolan Davies About Taking Drum Lessons

Did Emily take drum lessons when she was younger? What age did she start playing drums? She has even had lessons with infamous drum teacher Mike Dolbear and has drummed with Bono from U2, so keep taking those lessons and you could perhaps be U2’s next drummer. Keep logging on to see more Emily...

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Drummer Definitions Explained.

We always get asked about drum definitions so here we have put together some of the commonly used drumming terms that you may come across when you start playing. To keep the size of this document down we have chosen one drumming-related word for each letter of the alphabet for this drumming style...

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Great new lesson looking at words in drumming.

We always say at My Drum Lessons that if you can say it, you can play it. So what does that actually mean? We looked at the written language of drumming and visited the idea of punctuation in drumming. This teaching method is all about the application of drumming in a practical musical context....

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New Drummer Training Video’s Now Available Through My Drum Lessons

Our very own drum teacher Matt Dean has been busy again ‘drumming-up’ some new video lessons for you to try. They include several Hi-Hat Techniques, Accents, Linear, Paradiddle Grooves, Shuffles, Play Along Tracks help guide videos. These lesson compliment our lesson document range that...

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Lots of new drummer lessons for our drum teachers.

We have again added many more new drumming lessons for our teachers to use to instruct their students with. These lessons like many others we have, are written by top drum tutor Matt Dean. Matt is a professional drummer, author, and drum teacher for over 18 years, and has masses of experience in...

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My Drum Lessons Teachers Featured On Major Drumming Website

Would you like to feature on a major manufacturers drum website that would like you to promote you using its drummers products. All you need to do is to become a member of ‘My Drum Lessons’ by visiting our options...

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Plain Jane Need A Female Drummer

UK band PLAIN JANE are in search of a female drummer to join them.

All girl rock band Plain Jane are based in East London and they need an experienced drummer who will be able to manage her time to be part of this serious project. They have lots of upcoming gigs and are in urgent need of a...

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Counting 16th notes

This article shows you how to count 16th notes and gives a few exercises to develop this skill.

Download the article below for FREE.

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Warming up to play drums

Are you looking for simple drum set warm-ups that you can use at the drum kit? In this drum lesson, we demonstrate four exercises that you can use to improve your drumming. They focus on hand to feet synchronization, and both single and double stroke rolls.

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