Video of drummer

Video Of Top Drum Tutor Showing How He Teaches.

Top drum tutor Matt Dean shows you how to use the My Drum Lessons lesson templates to easily teach drum students. This video show’s Matt discussing how he goes about structuring a lesson and then using the lesson sheets to provide to the student for extra curriculum support. More drum teacher video’s available on our website, so keep logging in.

Matt Dean has a 1st CLass BA (Hons) in Music, has created his own syllabus, and created the My Drum Lessons syllabus as well. His studio is well equipped with acoustic and electronic drums, as well as recording facilities so each student can record themselves to build a library of their own recorded playing. He also plays keyboards so jam sessions often occur at lessons.

He is also takes students through the grades with very high success rates right up through to grade 8.

He writes for music magazines across the world such as Rhythm (UK), Drumscene (Aus), and Modern Drummer (USA), as well as having his own book published titled ‘The Drum: A History’ published by Scarecrow Press. He is currently writing a book for the same publisher to help students learn the drums.

Matt has played with many artists and bands and runs his own drum studio where he records for artists around the world. He is able to pass on his knowledge and experience of live and studio drumming to all students.

To use these great drum teaching resources just click HERE and select ‘Lessons To Teach’.

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