Spolum Drum

Spolum Drum Makes A Kit Complete

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

My Drum Lessons have just come across the brilliant Spolum Drum. It is a hand-made tongue drum made out of high quality 2.5 mm thick steel sheet. It needs no electricity to be played and works by vibration you make when hitting the steel tongues which then reproduce and amplify the sound around the spherical shape of the drum inside. The Zen-like instrument is designed to be a great addition to any meditative collection.

The Spolum differs from other tongue drums due to its unique LED light system, where every tongue has its own light to indicate which one to hit sequentially to create a melody. All the lights, electronics, and a rechargeable battery are hidden in a special lid. The device can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can easily control the tempo and choose your melody.

The instrument also comes with specially designed magnets to enable musicians to tune the drum to their own liking. All you have to do is stick the magnets underneath the tongues and moving them up or down to modify the tones.

The Spolum Drum has already obliterated its funding target, but there’s still time to get involved over at Indiegogo.


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