Matt Halpern Signature Stick

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

This stick was developed with world renowned drummer Matt Halpern of Periphery to meet the intense demands of his powerful, high energy performances. Halpern is highly sought after as a clinician and educator for his passionate personality and accessibility to fans through social media.

The drumsticks come in at a standard 16-inch length and .630-inch diameter. Although 2B in size this stick plays like a 5B. The short taper and large round tip give this stick a well-balanced, front weighted feel to optimise power and speed while producing full and robust tones from the drums and cymbals.

“I’ve always loved the weight of a 2B but have never had the perfect balance to execute my style of playing with power, speed and precision. With my stick I now have the weight of a 2B, but with just the right balance and taper with a tip that creates a perfectly robust, well-rounded sound,” explained Halpern.

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