Mercedes Lander has launched a new band called White Swan

Monday, November 7th, 2016

Kittie drummer Mercedes Lander has launched a new band called The White Swan, which sees her singing as well as playing drums. After weeks of teasing the band has finally released their first official promo photo featuring (from left to right) Kira Longeuay (bass), Shane Jeffers (guitars), and Mercedes Lander (drums, vocals, keyboards, guitars)

The White Swan’s three song EP, entitled Anubis, has beeen released digitally ahead of the originally planned November 1st release date. The band has now confirmed a string of shows; they will make their live debut this weekend in London, Ontario. Their schedule is as follows:

29 – London, Ontario – Call The Office (with Public Animal, Traumahawk)

2 – Toronto, ON – Cherry Cola’s
3 – Windsor, ON – Villains

13 – London, ON – 765 Old East Bar (with Hammerhands)

To purchase the EP. Click Here:


Lander recently offered a track-by-track overview of The White Swan’s three song debut EP featuring the songs “Illuminate”, “Blood”, and a cover of the Wings classic “Jet”. “‘Illuminate’  is more or less about the feeling of profound loss, says Lander. “I felt like I wanted to ask all of the questions you would want to ask, or things you would want to tell someone if you’ve been separate from  each other for a long period of time. ‘Blood’ originally started as a song I wrote for a friend for her solo album. Gradually I changed the key and wanted to keep it for myself.  The song is about all of the different emotions you cycle through with any relationship, platonic or not.”

“In March 2016 we started compiling riffs, songs, and demoing ideas. One night I was driving home from the yoga studio I teach at and ‘Jet’ came on the radio. Instantly I was like ‘Damn, this song is heavy’ and asked Kira and Shane if they would be cool with a cover version of the song. From there we started working on a version that would fit The White Swan.”


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