Should I Have a Website?

Friday, August 12th, 2016

In short… YES!  As great as it is having Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a YouTube channel, and all the rest, it doesn’t serve a great purpose of people trying to look you up on a professional level.  A website is a clear, concise and easy way to direct people to somewhere about what you’re actually about as a musician, not to your twitter feed where the last thing you tweeted about was a home-made KFC recipe you were trying out (true story – and it was delicious)!

Much like my post about making a video, your website is somewhere to put yourself across in whatever way you want and aiming at your target audience/jobs etc.

I’ve had my own website (and a few others) for years and am still trying to hone it, simplify it and make it a nice place to visit. Here are some top tips on what I think makes a great website for a musician:




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