Promark’s heat-activated ActiveGrip

Sunday, July 24th, 2016

ActiveGrip technology is now available on nine stick models including those from Mike Portnoy and Rich Redmond.  Promark by D’Addario has announced that its patent-pending technology ActiveGrip, is now available on a variety of models. But what is ActiveGrip and why does a drumstick need a heat-activated coating?

Well, the coating made its debut last summer on the Glenn Kotche Active Wave 570 a collaboration between Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche and the American drumstick maker.

The ActiveGrip technology is now available on nine stick models, including the six most popular Select Balance models plus artist sticks from Mike Portnoy and Rich Redmond.

The technology behind the heat-activated coating makes the stick tackier as the player’s hands heat up and sweat.

This offers an unprecedented smooth, natural feel instead of the typical rubbery texture many drummers find uncomfortable, says D’Addario.

The light lacquer adds virtually no weight or diameter to the stick and it offers drummers exceptional grip without sacrificing feel.

“Playing three hour sets outside during the summer is practically an extreme sport for a drummer,” says Kotche. “ActiveGrip works progressively throughout the set and offers more and more control as the night goes on. I honestly cannot imagine playing without it now.”




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