Dream Cymbals rolls out recycling programme

Friday, July 1st, 2016

Dream Cymbals has rolled out its old-for-new recycling programme to a bigger range of authorised UK dealers, with every available brand of B8 – B20 Bronze cast cymbal being valid for submission. The firm is giving customers 50p for every inch of broken cymbal submitted to its recycling centres in exchange for brand new Dream cymbals.

To put that into context, a Dream 10-inch Splash retails at £59 so if four redundant 22-inch cymbals are submitted, only £15 is paid for a brand new Splash. This means that if you bring in six broken cymbals and you’ll get the 10-inch Splash for free. There’s also no quantity limit.

In addition to encouraging sales and recycling to individuals, Dream’s programme offers a great incentive to schools and institutions. School bandleaders can turn the broken cymbals that have accumulated over the years into brand now ones at substantial savings.

All of the cymbals that Dream collects will be melted down into a limited edition, numbered series each year, creating new unique voices from old metal as part of the new exclusive Forge Reserve Line or used to create the firm’s new Re-FX Crop Circles.

Click here to find out which Dream Cymbals dealers are appointed recycling centres.

Dream Cymbals are cast in B20 Bronze; designed in Canada and hand-made and hand-hammered by Far East artisans. Famous players include Louise Bartle from Bloc Party, Dominic Greensmith from Reef and Adam Gammage, drummer for Eliot Sumner.



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