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Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Scheduled for release via Inside Out on July 1st, Fates Warning’s new album, Theories Of Flight, is the long-awaited follow-up to 2013’s Darkness In A Different Light. Today the band has launched the first full song via a lyric-video designed by Cloud Music Typography for the impressive album opening track, “From The Rooftops”:

Vocalist Ray Alder checked in to comment about Theories Of Flight”: “We began writing the music for “Theories” while we were still touring for “Darkness”… I believe that the anticipation to write another record was due to the fact that we were once again touring and playing new material after nine years of playing the same songs. It was exciting to be on stage again and we looked forward to getting back in the studio. I also believe that our fans were happy to finally having something new to listen to..

“I/we are very happy with the way that “Theories” turned out. Jim and I collaborated practically every day on the new album for over a year until we actually went into the studio.. There were many different versions of the songs until they were finally complete, and I believe it shows in the final product. I think that Jim did an excellent job producing the new album. The material is, I believe heavier than what people are used to from us, as well as my vocal style. We wanted something different than “Darkness” but something that still carried a lot of melody.”

Jim Matheos comments about the title and the artwork for the album: “The working title for the album was The Ghosts Of Home and the song with that name was first called ‘Home Again’. When I started searching for artwork I came across the piece that’s now the cover and it was called ‘Theories Of Flight’. In fact, the title you see on the cover is part of the original art, not something we added. There’s a loose theme running through a lot of the lyrics, and this developed organically and separately, where Ray and I are often writing about various uprooting, escapes….flights. So I was immediately drawn to that phrase as being a better description of what some of the songs are about.”

Theories Of Flight will be available in the standard version and a two disc, Mediabook edition, which will include a trio of unreleased originals, as well as three additional, never heard, cover tunes. A double-LP version will also be available. The bonus disc is entirely acoustic.

Fateswarning theoriesart

CD 1
“From The Rooftops” (6:52)
“Seven Stars” (5:33)
“SOS” (4:34)
“The Light And Shade Of Things” (10:14)
“White Flag” (5:20)
“Like Stars Our Eyes Have Seen” (5:13)
“The Ghosts Of Home” (10:31)
“Theories of Flight” (4:00)

CD 2 – Acoustic Bonus Disc:
“Firefly” (3:15)
“Seven Stars” (4:25)
“Another Perfect Day” (3:25)
“Pray Your Gods” (3:45) – Toad The Wet Sprocket cover
“Adela” (2:25) Joaquin Rodrigo cover
“Rain” (4:03) Uriah Heep cover

Guitarist Mike Abdow will be touring with Fates Warning for their upcoming live dates. Frank Aresti, who performs a couple of solos on the band’s upcoming new album, will not be able to tour with Fates Waring “for the foreseeable future”.

Says guitarist and main composer Jim Matheos: “To clarify Frank’s status with the band, he contributed a couple killer solos on the new record (Mike Abdow did one as well), but due to his current work commitments he will not be able to tour with the band for the foreseeable future. He remains part of the extended FW family and the door is always open for him to return anytime his schedule permits. We hope to have an album sampler up later this week and the first full song shortly after that. As always, thanks for your support.”

Frank Aresti states: “I absolutely love Theories Of Flight, and I’m proud to be a part of it. I’ll continue to do as much as I can, as often as I can, with the band. Meantime, they’re in good hands with Mike Abdow, a great guitarist and a great guy. I wish them the best of luck, and look forward to sitting in on a song (or two).”


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