WHD 517-DX Pro

Saturday, November 21st, 2015

This kit is equipped with Mesh heads on all of the drums, including the kick drum, which give a thoroughly authentic drumming experience. Being carefully designed to feel as much like an acoustic drum as possible, the pads are also Dual Zone, offering Rim shots as well as drum hits. All of the cymbals have a Choke function, and the Ride cymbal has an additional Bell hit function, making the whole kit as close to acoustic drums as is possible.

Realistic Acoustic Drum Sounds
The DD517-DX has an impressive 678 Drum and Percussion sounds, as well as 18 Hi-hat combinations, which have been arranged into 40 great sounding preset kits. These sounds can be used individually to create your own custom kits, and 59 user kits can be stored for future use. All user kits can be stored on an SD card, so you can take your sounds with you, and load your custom kits on to another compatible kit.

Perfect Your Technique
This kit has 120 preset songs which have been selected to give a wide range of fun and informative tracks for play along. Perfect for practice, the drum track can be removed so you can take this role yourself. An inbuilt metronome helps you keep time whilst the LCD display lets you know if you play too fast or too slow. The Sequencer function means that you can record your parts and listen back to them, or store them on the SD card so you can listen to them anywhere, which can be an invaluable practice tool.

Versatile Computer Connectivity
The DD517-DX is fully Midi compatible, with both USB and Midi in and out connections. This allows you to record your drumming straight on to the computer, or use your kit to trigger other Midi equipped instruments, making this kit a versatile performance tool. With the SD card, you can easily transfer you recorded and sequenced parts on to another device, and with the Auxiliary Input you can connect any CD or mp3 player, allowing you to jam along to your favourite tracks.


WHD 517 Drum Pads
Tom Pads: 3 Mesh with rim shot (dual zone)
Crash Pad: 1 with choke (dual zone)
Ride Pad: 1 with Bell and Choke (triple zone)
Snare Pads: 1 Mesh with rim shot (dual zone)
Hi-Hat: 1 (single zone)
Hi-Hat Control Pedal: 1 with half open feature
Kick Trigger: 1

WHD 517 Module
Sounds: 678
Drum Kits: 40 preset kits, 59 user kits
Songs: 120 preset songs
Effects Reverb: Yes
Equalizer: 4 band

Preset Song: 120, User Song: 100
Song Parts: 7 (Drum, Percussion, Part 1-Part 5
Play Modes: One Shot – Loop – Tap – Hit
Resolution: 192 ticks per quarter note

Power Jack
Twin Output (Mono or Stereo)
Aux in (stereo jack)
USB Port
SD Card Slot
Trigger Input Connector
3 x Extra trigger input jacks
MIDI in and out

Power Switch
Volume: Master – Phones – Auxiliary
Drum off

The Latest in Drum Design, Components and Sound.

Bringing together cutting edge drum design and premium quality components, WHD kits have been developed for the drummer looking to take their sound to the next level. The WHD range includes stunning acoustic drum kits, up-to-the-minute electronic drum kits and fresh snares; each is constructed using only the finest materials, ranging from specially sourced Birch and Basswood, to super-tough hardened acrylic.

With features including double braced hardware across the kits and professional REMO heads fitted on all acoustic drums, WHD goes far beyond what is expected from a drum kit at this price. Completed by striking visual appeal and stand out tone, WHD drums are set to establish themselves as the discerning drummer’s choice, whether they play indie, rock, metal, funk, soul, blues or jazz.


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