Protection Racket Luggage Now Available Direct In The UK Only

Thursday, November 19th, 2015


Protection Racket is pleased to announce their new website PROTECTIONracket DIRECT where all their travelling and touring luggage, including back-packs, carry-on bags and suitcases are available to buy direct online with FREE delivery, only in the UK. PROTECTIONracket DIRECT is dedicated to all the ‘Other Things They Do’ outside of their world-renowned range of drum and guitar instrument cases.

Protection Racket’s luggage, designed for effortless transportation and maximum protection, includes a several suitcases, over night bags and cabin bags. There is a backpack suitable for everyone including students, roadies and businessmen alike. Laptops can be safely carried in a Protection Racket briefcase, backpack or shoulder bag, simply choose the style to suit the need. The accessories range of wallets, storage bags, tool and wash bags complement them all. Plus expected in the near future is selection of motorcycle luggage and the long awaited Protection Racket branded merchandise.

The entire luggage range is made to the same exacting standards as Protection Racket’s musical instrument cases. With more than twenty years of experience behind the build of each piece and rigorous testing from conception to production, all the luggage comes with a full 12 month guarantee. The high quality Racketex™ fabric used to make them won’t fade, crack or shrink, the doubly secure seams will remain intact and the handles stitched with bonded nylon thread to 1,500 kilo breaking strength rot-proof webbing will not give. Plus the zips and their pulls are rustproof and indestructible.

Nothing comes close to Protection Racket’s triple A (All Accidents Averted) collection of luggage, for design, quality, reliability, choice or confidence. For effortless transportation and maximum protection check out the luggage built by the team trusted by the world’s top musicians to carry their instruments at and place your valuables in safe hands.

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To find out more about Protection Racket and its instrument cases please go to To purchase them please contact your local distribution dealer



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