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Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Ever wondered how to get your music on Apple iTunes, Spotify and the newly launched Apple Music and Tidal? Or how to sell your music on Amazon? What about how to get heard by record label scouts, and maybe even get signed? Good news for you – Spinnup will distribute your music worldwide, and allow it to be heard by the renowned A&R team from Island Records.
If you think you are a talented musician, you certainly want to get heard, right? But even though Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Soundcloud are great ways to get your music around, you may feel it’s still not enough. After all… what about selling  your music?

You may be able to sell some CDs, tapes and even vinyl if you got them made – perhaps mostly at gigs. But if you’re just starting out and not playing a lot of gigs, or if you still don’t have a considerable fan-base, getting a physical product to sell can be a burdensome and risky investment at first. It can be very hard to recoup the money in the short run, and many bands end up in the red, stuck with hundreds of unsold CDs.

Basically – a physical release is very nice, but most musicians will have other top spending priorities such as getting good gear, travelling to gigs and other everyday costs. Before you take this serious step, especially now when physical record sales are down, you must consider getting your music out to as many people, in the cheapest way possible.

In other words: you simply need to sell your music online!

Some people might tell you that Bandcamp is the way to go, and it certainly helps… if people can find you there. Basically, it’s not quite the answer. You need to think bigger!

If you want to sell your music online, you simply must sell it on all the major digital stores. While Bandcamp is a cool service that’s also free to use, it doesn’t have quite the same reach as Spotify, iTunes etc. After all, lots of people use these services, but Bandcamp is not most people’s first stop when they want to listen to music!

Also, it’s important to be on the hottest new stores, such as Apple Music and Tidal, both of which received major publicity when launched, not that long ago!

But the thing is: you simply can’t get your music on any of those major online stores just on your own – you must use a third party distributor, because you’ll need an ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) generated for each of your songs and also an UPC (Unique Product Code) used to identify a release.

The good news is that it’s very cheap, and certainly better value and a safer investment than having your own CDs or vinyl records. There are a few distribution services out there, but is by far the best of them all. For instance, you can put a whole album online for under £30 a year. You’ll just need to sell a few copies to start making a profit!

The website is a new digital music distribution platform backed by one of the biggest record labels in the world, Island Records. They’ll put your music not just online, but in front of their talent scouts – no other music distribution service can claim that!

Island has a team of talent scouts listening through all the music on Spinnup, eager to discover tomorrow’s stars: they’ve already signed signed 10 Spinnup artists so far! And since their ears are open to all sorts of styles, you might as well have a chance to get signed too – current Island Records artists include Florence & The Machine, Bombay Bicycle Club, Dizzie Rascal, Justin Bieber, U2, PJ Harvey, Taio Cruz, Jake Bugg, Incubus, Mumford & Sons and many others. As varied as it gets!
1) Talent scouts listen to the music released through Spinnup.
If they have an idea about how you can improve your music, they may drop you a line with constructive feedback and send you a notification! If a Scout likes what they hear they might offer to scout you. Getting scouted means you’ll get help with marketing, promotion and perhaps even some ideas on improving your music. Scouts will get you heard and noticed and they’ve got a direct link to the ears at Islands Records UK, so you could end up signed to one of the best record labels in the UK!

2) By being a part of the Spinnup family, you’ll gain access to great partner sites & discounts such as Fan Republic.
Powered by Indiegogo, Fan Republic can be used to engage your fanbase and raise the funds you need for studio time, tour support, music videos & more.

3) Music distribution as it should be – you get ALL the money!
You keep all your rights and get 100% royalties, plus Spinnup also provides you with the tools you need to keep track of your revenues by album, track and country. And they give you an easy overview of your current fans and followers in social media.

4) Your music will be available everywhere!
The more places your music is available to buy, the more chances you have of actually selling it to someone!


You can register with Spinnup very easily and for free, just click here.

With our exclusive discount code, you can release your first Spinnup single for free! Yeah, that’s right! You can have your songs on all the major online stores we’ve talked about, without paying a penny! Simply enter our exclusive discount code when you register to ‘PMTSpinnup’.
* Valid for single releases only. One FREE release per user, only. Valid until 30th September 2015.


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