Acrylic drums

Forecast Drums Appearing At The London Drum Show.

Friday, September 11th, 2015

Forecast Drums are the industry’s only purely custom acrylic drum company. Run by Jamie Cross, of JC Drums, and Carl Haffield, of AD Drums, together boasting over 20 years of drum building experience, they have teamed up to show the industry what can really be done with acrylic drums and are bringing that to this year’s London Drum Show.

With both clean and classic look finishes, through to the completely crazy and custom dreams their players think up, they are out to prove acrylic drums aren’t just for those big Bonham beats but for any player, of any style. They can make your vision and sound a reality.

Bringing a mixture of kits and snares, you’ll be able to see and play the full range they have to offer along with a few show special finishes and builds!

This video shows the first in their LED series! Each drum features two independent sets of full RGB LED strips and are grouped in ‘Ground’ and ‘Sky’.With dual controllers the ground and sky set up allows for more colour combinations than we can work out if we’re honest!

From what we can work out here are ‘most’ of the options:
Dual solid colour
Sky on Ground off
Ground on Sky off
Independent Sky and Ground colours
Inverted independent Sky and Ground colours
Dual colour fades
Dual flashing
Independent colour fades
Independent flashing
Sky flash Ground fade
Ground flash Sky fade

…and each with 16+ colours to choose from.

As this is our R&D piece the kit is on a wired controller and is not sound/trigger activated but development is underway for the Mk2 system! Aside from the lights this kit features frosted shells, two stage vinyl graphics boasting gloss black outer skylines and gloss grey offset skylines on the inside of the shell. Black nickel ground hardware and chrome sky hardware. Evans Black Chrome reso heads and Evans Frosted batters with an EMAD2 and EQ3 smooth white on the kick. Satin black kick hoops with a raised maple chop block.

Awaiting its final custom badges the kit is not for sale though it will feature at the trade shows and events they attend to come and check it out!

Shell spec:
24″ x 14″ – 8mm
13″ x 10″ – 6mm
16″ x 14″ – 6mm
18″ x 14″ – 8mm

Also with this kit of course a matching snare…but never to play easy…a 15×6.5″ Chamber snare featuring two frosted shells, stepped skyline graphics on each shell and of course the matching dual LED system.


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