24 hour drum-a-thon with Moni Lashes

Female Drummer To Do A Sponsored 24 Hour Drum Marathon.

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Drummer Moni Lashes is needing to raise money for her sick Father by doing a 24 hour ‘drum-a-thon’. So who is Moni Lashes? This is what she told us; “To put it short and sweet, I am Moni Lashes, and I love to drum.  I’ve played drums all of my life, and I am the drummer/stick spinner for hard rock band “The Babes”. My Father has a rare form of mulptiple sclerosis, an auto-immune disease, which really sucks.  My dad was a drummer (a dam good one too), however since MS has come into our lives it’s forced a severe decline in my dad’s health, meaning not only can he not play drums, but cannot walk and balance unassisted anymore…




Dad has been accepted into a really successful medical treatment facility in Russia, which will halt his MS and allow him to live a healthy and longer life!


This is where YOU guys and gals can help us out!


Unfortuntely we don’t have the $50,000 needed for the treatment, and so I’m gonna do what I can to make this happen.



I’m going to attempt to drum for a constant 24 hour period, setting a world record as the only female to ever do this…

I am hoping that this form of busking will entice a few dollars from onlookers/friends and supporters.


I am also offering sponsorship positions for people/companies who want to donate money per hour of my drumathon, which I am hoping to make the entire 24 hours.






Anything and everything donated goes straight to the HSCT medical treatment in Russia, & my family and I appreciate your generosity more than words could ever express!


If you have any queries or ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

I am so damn excited to announce that on March 20th, I am attempting to set an Official World Record.

I’m attempting to be the FIRST FEMALE IN THE WORLD TO DRUM FOR 24 HOURS!!! I think of it as a fun and exhausting way to raise awareness for my dad’s multiple sclerosis, and fundraise for his live-saving medical treatment.”

To help Moni’s Dad please click HERE.

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