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Nirvana’s Dave Grohl meets up with original drummer Aaron Burckhard

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

A near Nirvana reunion happened over the weekend in the band’s own town of Aberdeen, WA. Fans were enthralled that bassist Krist Novolselic, drummer Dave Grohl and additional guitarist Pat Smear came together to team-up with a panel of live vocalists for the band’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction. The fans where hoping for a few numbers or a lesson on how to play but nothing materialized.

Novoselic and original-original-drummer Aaron Burckhard were there for the unveiling of a new mural in their hometown, paying tribute to the group. It’s not immediately evident if Burckhard even appears on the piece of art (we can only see a really distant shot of the whole thing) but, he was there.

The drummer was indeed the very first drummer in the band before he got booted, according to SPIN, for being moody and for a “subpar work ethic.” He played with the band live but got the axe before Chad Channing came onboard to record for Bleach. It should be noted that frontman Kurt Cobain had “creative differences” with Channing as well, and apparently didn’t appreciate Grohl all that much either so maybe all these percussionists deserve a break. Cobain clearly just hated rhythm.

A photo posted of the “reunion” features the lofty Novoselic posing with Burckhard in what appears to be a carpet store (the word “interiors” can be seen on the building that now hosts the new mural). No, the pair didn’t get the chance to play any music.

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One Response to Nirvana’s Dave Grohl meets up with original drummer Aaron Burckhard

  1. Aaron burckhard says:

    Sub par? Moody? I wasn’t let go for these reasons and bottom line is it was nothing musically related and at 54 I still have my chops so check out my band under sin and I love all my fans even you haters cuz someone’s gotta love you and the world need more of that, Oh and your mother wears combat boots!!

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