Chord i-pad for drummers

Chords new Digital Drum Teacher For State Of The Art Drum Lessons

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Chrods all new electronic drum pad features training functions and a variety of sound effects. Great for learning or teaching drums to drum students Chord’s new electronic drum tutor pad is now available in the UK via distributor AVSL. Aimed at assisting percussionists to improve their rhythm skills, the digital drum pad offers drummers a variety of metronome modes, along with a selection of training functions and drum sound effects. Its rubber pad sensor is designed to count beats, while rubber feet hold it in place to prevent slipping during use.

Powered by a 9V PP3 type battery (supplied) or alternative 9V power supply, the drum pad comes with an 8mm thread on the base for a stand mounting and a headphone output for quiet practicing. Drum sound effects includes Disco, Hard Rock, Hip-hop, Arena Rock, Bossa Nova, Samba, Chacha, Pop and Funk. Training functions include beat counting, mute counting, gradual up/down and step up/down modes.And along with all o that an LCD screen is also featured, displaying beat, rhythm, tempo and volume. Great drum teaching tool for any drum teacher looking to start teaching drummer and drum students to play.

View our drum pad test;

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