Flaming Lips

Flamings Lips Respond To Allegations Made By Drummer

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Flaming Lips recently split with drummer Kliph Scurlock and it has now been revealed he is accusing frontman Wayne Coyne of abusive behaviour and  racism.

Kliph Scurlock produced a statement explaining that he was sacked from the band due to an incident involving Coyne’s friend Christina Fallin, singer of the band Pink Pony and daughter of Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin.

In March, Mary Fallin posted an Instagram photo of herself wearing a Native American headdress, and many people felt this was an insensitive appropriation of Native American imagery. Kliph Scurlock then voiced his feelings regarding Fallin’s recent action on a mutual friend’s Facebook page. “I have several Native American friends who were very hurt by her combination of actions and I am nothing if not protective of my loved ones”.

Fallin informed Wayne Coyne of the comments that Scurlock had made and Coyne then proceeded to berate Scurlock through a series of abusive text messages. According to the drummer’s statement he apologised for his behaviour but Coyne wouldn’t accept this and instead persisted to be abusive towards him and incite racism towards Native Americans.




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