Supernova Drums Announce 4 Production Levels

Supernova Drums Announce 4 Production Levels

Monday, January 6th, 2014

The Supernova Drum Company is proud to be the very first custom drum company in the World to introduce 4 different LEVELS OF PRODUCTION. Their customers now have a choice of how much work they want done on their own custom set of drums. They can have them made entirely by Supernova, or enjoy putting together their own drums in varying stages.

When filling in the Order Form to get a quote, there is now the option of what Level of Production the customer wants to get. The different Levels are :

Level 1 :

Shell & All the Parts you need! With Level 1, you are given all of the components to create your very own drum. Supernova will give you the relevant know-how and assistance to get you up and running!

The most cost effective option to take with each Drum being around half the price of a fully completed one!

Level 2 :

Shell with Bearing Edges & Snare Beds as well as All the Parts. With Level 2, Supernova will cut the Bearing Edges and Snare Beds for you as well as give you all the components you need. You can then create your drums to suit!

Level 3 :

Finishes Added & All the Parts. With Level 3, Supernova will fully finish your drum shell but not drill or screw on any of the component parts included.

Level 4 :

Fully Completed Drums. With Level 4, the whole drum is fully finished with all of your chosen component parts added. Straight out of the box playability!

Only the Level 4 drums are signed and numbered inside by Supernova.

All of their drums at any Level will come with your choice of Hardware and SDCo. Nameplate as well as any other options you require.

Contact Supernova at for more details, or check out more on their drums at

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