Thai chalk air drummer

Thai chalk drummer

Monday, August 5th, 2013

A Thai drum teacher has created a great air drumming video.

The Thai drum teacher posted a video of himself playing along to a rock track on a drum kit that’s chalked on a wall. It’s so far racked up more than 200,000 hits on YouTube and growing.

The man behind it is Weerachat Premananda Jr, better known by his nickname “Note.” The 29-year-old music teacher also likes to draw on the wall of his house in Bangkok. One day in May he had a brainwave and brought his two loves together.

“I didn’t know which was the best place to hit,” he said. “When we were actually filming we had a director to guide me where to position my hands, whether to move it higher. ‘Left and right, hands up a bit more. Left hand is still too low, move up a bit.’ So that made it more realistic because I was just hitting the air.

“I just wanted to do it for fun, to create something the world hadn’t seen before, I don’t mind if people imitate because it’s fun. For people who don’t have drum sets at home it could be another way to practice.”

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