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Paramore And Kelly Clarkson Drummer Seriously Injured

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Professional drummer Miles McPherson was preparing to tour Europe with Paramore next month but the serious injuries he suffered in a golf cart accident are threatening his livelihood.

Lights, music and tens of thousands of fans. That’s how world looks through McPherson’s eyes when he’s on tour.

“I’ve always had this childhood dream of going out and doing these types of shows,” McPherson said.

But that dream took a hit Friday when the golf cart he was driving flipped on top of him. His wife and two friends only suffered minor injuries. McPherson wasn’t so lucky.

“When the accident happened, there was battery acid that leaked out onto my hand so I’ve got third-degree burns across my hand and wrist and I also broke my pinky,” McPherson said.

After a few days at the Vanderbilt burn center, he’s recovering in his south Nashville home. Doctors told him it’s too soon to tell if the injuries will permanently affect the mobility in his hand. He also has serious burns on his face and legs.

McPherson’s health insurance covers most of the medical bills. But every day the husband and father of two, spends recovering is another day he’s not working.

“Not being able to work because of health is so frustrating,” McPherson said. “It’s just your body, you want it to be able to do something and it’s not like you can show up to the office and do some other kind of job.”

That’s why a family friend in Houston set up and online donation account and started the Help Miles Facebook page. Within 18 hours, friends and colleagues in the music industry raised close to $5,000.

“That’s unbelievable,” McPherson said. “It’s kind of moving to the point of tears to be a part of such a generous community.”


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