Drum Box Cajon and bass pedal

DG De Gregario ‘Drumbox’ Cajon and Bass Pedal

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Cajon innovator and craftsman Paolo De Gregorio is proud to announce the introduction of the ground-breaking DG “DrumBox” Cajon. The new model features many of the innovations incorporated into De Gregorio’s popular range of Cajons, including Baltic Birch bodies, exotic wood veneers, removable faceplates and adjustable snare mechanisms, plus an additional tone panel to right of the traditional front playing surface that is played by a patented foot pedal and linkage assembly mounted on a built-in adapter. For added convenience, the pedal can be stored and transported inside the Cajon, itself.

“By giving players more creative control and freedom, the Drumbox makes the Cajon a more versatile, more musical instrument,” says De Gregorio. “Rather than attempting to connect a standard bass drum pedals to a conventional Cajon, the DG pedal and DrumBox Cajon have been specially— and successfully— designed for this purpose.”

Endorsed by world-class artists such Stewart Copeland, Sheila E, Marco Fadda, Evelyn Glennie, Paquito González, Ulysses Owens, Jr., Dave Weckl and Steve White, DG De Gregorio Cajons are sold at leading drumshops and music stores. For complete information on models and availability, contact Big Bang Distribution at 800-547-6401 or visit bigbangdist.com.


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