Tama Iron Cobra

Tama Iron Cobra Bass Pedal Celebrates 20 Years

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

The mighty Tama Iron Cobra has reached it’s 20th birthday in 2013.

It was just 20 years ago, in 1992, when TAMA set out on the “IRON COBRA” project to create the ultimate drum pedal. The goal was to create something that would work in all environments, for all players, regardless of their music genre or playing style.

At that time, they adopted the slogan “Rock Solid Strength and Versatility” as a mission statement for this pedal.

In 1993, the first generation of IRON COBRA made its debut. It immediately demolished the conventional wisdom on bass drum pedals with innovations such as the Vari-Pitch Beater Holder and IRON COBRA Beater. It introduced key features like the Spring Tight and Speedo-Ring, which reduce power loss, and the Para-Clamp mechanism which securely clamps the pedal to the bass drum hoop.

IRON COBRA was a huge success and the pedal was well deserving of the “Rock Solid Strength and Versatility” slogan. It made waves in the drum world and forced drummers and other manufacturers to take notice that a bold new pedal had arrived.

Tama say, “For 2013, we are prod to release the all new IRON COBRA 600 series bass drum pedal. The pedal’s innovative “Duo Glide” feature allows you to easily switch between our Power Glide and Rolling Glide cam shapes with a single adjustment. The IRON COBRA 600 is a double chain drive pedal for power and durability, but retains a light feel because of the Duo Glide’s resin composition. We also adopted a newly designed footboard hinge and Speedo-Ring for smooth, precise action.”


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