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Cookes Become Latest Supplier of BAMT Packages

May 23, 2014

Cookes music store in Norwich, Norfolk have become the latest supplier of teaching packages being offered by the company BAMT (Become A Music Teacher).

BAMT is comprised of the subsidiary companies, My Guitar Lessons, My Keyboard Lessons, My Drum Lessons and My Singing Lessons and have fast become one of the most dominant internet based companies in the world to help musicians become music teachers.

Having already successfully helped hundreds of experienced musicians earn money from teaching their passion and skills to students, BAMT predominately advertised the services and packages they offer using the internet until 2012. However they discovered there is still a market available offline to advertise to and produced a product that is also available to buy in music stores.

BAMT Company Director Simon Devlin recently said “In an age of technology where the majority of people now use the internet to buy and sell, there are still business where people prefer to test a product before they buy. This is still true of musical instruments and we saw the potential to advertise our services through these traditional outlets”.

“We re-developed our existing product to still be available to buy online and also in music stores”.

“We have received a fantastic and positive response from retailers and are very pleased that Cookes of Norwich have become one of our latest suppliers”.

Cookes Manager Mark Hedge said “We are delighted to be taking on Become A Music Teacher packages which allows us to offer a fantastic additional resource to our customers and in turn selling more higher end products with additional benefits”.

To find out more about stocking BAMT products in your store visit and to find out more about Cookes and the range of instruments and services they can offer you, visit


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