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Our core purpose is to help aspiring and existing drum teachers to add structure and professionalism to their teaching business.

What is ‘My Drum Lessons’?

‘My Drum Lessons’ is part of the successful music teaching business called ‘Become A Music Teacher’. We specialise in helping musicians to earn from their musical skills and talents. With over 200 tutors across Europe our success can be attributed to the diversity and innovation of the products and services we can offer you along with the full support and training you receive when becoming a tutor. Unlike many other services we are NOT just a tutor database and certainly don’t try and sell you outdated teaching books or DVD’s.

Web Profile

‘My Drum Lessons’ are proud to offer you one of the best teaching web profiles available. Not only can you add video, music, photo’s and a full biography of yourself under our successful domain name ‘My Drum Lessons’  but we will also fully SEO (Search Engine Optimize) your profile to assist it to reach the top page of search engines when somebody looks for drum lessons on-line within your area. Just try typing ‘My Drum Lessons’ into Google and see where we are listed.

Why Use Us?

This is a big step in to an exciting new drum teaching business for you. Like many other drum teachers you may not have run your own business before and will have only a small knowledge of how to set up your company, target pupils successfully, do your accounts and earn money from your playing skills.

Here at ‘My Drum Lessons’ we have all the information, marketing tools and lessons to make it a success. We can provide you with a ‘My Drum Lessons’ website, business cards, lessons and guides. You can also receive a bookkeeping computer spreadsheet which will allow you to keep your financial records when teaching drums and gigging for tax purposes. All of the tricky parts of setting up a drum business have been done for you (branding, printing, web design etc.) so you just concentrate on being a tutor and earning money. So from now on you will be the boss, work your times and take holidays when you want it.

What do I get?

You can select from the services shown below to assist you in finding new students and teaching them:

  • A personally branded website profile which can have your teaching pictures, your music and a biography of you on it to really help sell you as a teacher.
  • Your own music teaching email address to show you are a member of a professional organisation. So from initial contact people will know you are a serious music practitioner.
  • Your own Membership Certificate to display on your teaching wall to further establish your musical credentials and to aid you in getting further bookings.
  • Your own professionally printed business cards. These stand out from the ‘cheap or free’ cards that are available, getting you away from the perception of “Cheap cards – Cheap lessons”.
  • Exercises for students of all levels. These are printable and allow you to give your student a high quality lesson for them to take away with them.
  • Your own lesson structure to use for each one of your students. Enables you to track what you have done and what you will do with each student, individually.
  • In-depth guide on how to run your business effectively. From how to deal with the tax office through to lots of new, fresh idea’s for you to use to get more students.
  • Student contract which helps to keep your customers coming back.
  • Disclosure & Barring Service Certificate (CRB) to hang on your teaching room wall. Shows you have had a Police check and are considered safe to teach children.
  • Your own double sided postcards/flyers with a discount voucher on the rear to help incentivise students to come to you.
  • Your own posters professionally printed and will make you stand out from the crowd. Great for hanging up all over town.
  • Google Adverts. Additional promotion through the most popular web search in the World.
  • Video lessons for instructors and students, showing students how to play exercises and you how to structure and plan out your lessons.
  • Telephone hotline number for support, advice and queries you may have.
  • How to keep records for the tax office. Guide on keeping your accounts and what you can and can’t claim for.
  • Tax spreadsheet. This saves you having to hire an accountant each year to do your tax returns.
  • Training; We will train you on all the products and services that you have opted for.

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