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Tips For Finding Drum Students

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Successful drum teachers know that 95% of drum tutors compete for 5% of the potential drum students out there while the other 95% of potential students are left to just 5% of the teachers. Confused? Stay with me. The first reason is their approach to marketing. How do most drum teachers find students? They put ads on Gumtree or similar directories. They may have a website and try a bunch of SEO (search engine optimisation) tricks to get onto page one of Google.

Some try posting on Facebook and other social media platforms. What’s the problem with this? Basically these ads appeal to students who are actively searching for a drum teacher. What’s wrong with that you might say. Well just about every other drum teacher is advertising in the same places so these searchers are seeing you and a dozen other drum teachers and music schools but here is the real problem. We approximate that 95% of potential drum students are not searching for a teacher. This means only 5% of potential drum students are actively searching for a teacher but as explained they are seeing all the available teachers so they get to choose from a lot of teachers. If you get picked consider your self lucky.

If there 100 potential students each month in your area only 5 are searching and if there are 10 teachers you can expect 1 call every 2 months or less if your competitors are more attractive.

Where are the 95% of students who don’t search? Think about how many ads you see on TV or on Facebook or a
multitude of other websites. Most people who have a drum kit  and want to learn are not actively searching for a teacher while at the same time most drum teachers are not advertising to the 95%. Those few teachers who are advertising and of course know what they are doing are cleaning up. They usually have ZERO competition and through effective ads and targeting they are appealing to the majority market. That is the secret in a nutshell.

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