Claus Hessler

Claus Hessler’s Master Class At Our Leeds Drum Academy

May 8, 2015

Claus Hessler is coming to the LEEDS DRUM ACADEMY run by My Drum Lessons Joao Figueiredo for a Master Class and drum clinic – Leeds Drum Academy’s students have a discount on the lessons and master class. Besides soloing/playing along with tracks from his musical projects Claus is mostly covering his favorite issues of OPEN-HANDED PLAYING and MOELLER TECHNIQUE in clinics and masterclasses – and there is steady growing interest in especially these two genres of drumming. As a master student of Jim Chapin and – together with his other mentor Dom Famularo – being a protagonist of Open-Handed Playing, both themes could hardly be covered better.

As a huge fan of stories and history likewise, he also dedicates some time to the heritage of traditional rudimental drumming and Swiss BASLE DRUMMING. The connected field of so called COLLAPSED RUDIMENTS is another of Claus’ favorite topics, allowing for a completely new and different approach to modern drum set playing.

Brought to you by Mapex, Sabian, Vic Firth, Alfred Publishing UK and the Leeds Drum Academy!

£40 – Master Class (£20 for LDA students)
£15 – Drum Clinic

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