Drummer Zac Farro Is Back in Paramore

Sunday, February 5th, 2017

Paramore fans have been waiting to hear new music from the band’s highly anticipated fifth studio album. They now get a jolt of good news from a much less expected source: original drummer, Zac Farro. We already knew he was drumming on the new album, but he hadn’t been a full-fledged member since leaving (along with his brother Josh) on less-than-amicable terms back in 2010.

Apparently his reconciliation with current members Hayley Williams and Taylor York is now complete.  Paramore updated its official website to showcase a T-shirt featuring an image of young Zac Farro, along with the title “I’m Back.” Those on Paramore’s mailing list received emails with the headline “Zac’s Back,” so it’s safe to surmise he’s the one who’s rejoining and not his older brother (though we’re sure he was also a very adorable toddler).

Paramore hasn’t yet shared any details on Zac’s expanded role, though this likely means he’s now their live and touring drummer, a role previously filled by Underoath drummer/vocalist Aaron Gillespie.

Back in August 2016, Zac Farro guested on a Podcast and discussed his indie pop band Halfnoise (which released an LP called Sudden Feeling last year), along with what it was like mending ties with his old bandmates. “It’s a second chance… I’m so thankful that I’m playing on the album, but that wasn’t what was important to me at the beginning. What was important was mending those friendships… Hayley and guitarist Taylor York have become really good friends of mine again and they’re super supportive of my stuff.”

Longtime bassist Jeremy Davis quit Paramore in late 2015 the public learned a few months later, just before the band’s second Parahoy! cruise so the good news is especially comforting to fans. Never burn bridges, kids.


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