D’Addario’s Evans new Calftone drumheads

Sunday, September 4th, 2016

The premium drumhead line is designed to mimic the sound, look, and feel of natural calfskin.  Calftone is manufactured using D’Addario’s patented Level 360 Technology, and optimises the sonic properties of vintage drums while giving newer ones a distinctly classic tone; big, warm, boomy bass drum sounds, and full, round tone from toms.

Bass Drumheads launched earlier this year, with tom and snare heads now available in the UK.

Calftone is the first line of products under Evans’ newly minted ’56 series. The product line features drumheads designed to give players mid-century sonic range and features Evans’ vintage logo. The ’56 series is named in honour of Chick Evans’ 1956 invention of the synthetic drumhead and the founding of Evans as a company, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.

Evans developed Calftone to offer players the warm sound and classic look of calfskin drumheads without sacrificing the consistency and durability of a synthetic. Calfskin is a natural product made from cowhide, one of the primary materials used to manufacture drumheads until the 1950s. It is known as much for its warmth and tone as it is for its inconsistency, fluctuating in sound and responsiveness as a result of changes in temperature and humidity.

For any drummer searching for the warm sound and cushiony feel of a vintage head then the ‘56 Calftone is for you. The rebound response is excellent and the sound is pure tone. Love that slick new logo as well. “The ‘56’ Calftone is a welcome new/old addition to the already fine line of Evans drumheads.”

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