Retailers should back Learn to Play Day

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Unsure whether or not to get involved with this year’s Learn to Play Day? Here are five reasons why you can’t afford not to. Organised by the charity Music for All, National Learn to Play Day returns for its fourth year at venues across the UK. Taking place on March 12th-13th 2016, the general public can take up the offer of one of more than 10,000 free instrument ‘taster’ lessons at participating venues.

There will be in over of 100 shops and other venues welcoming people, young and old, who would like to have a go at making music by giving them chance of a free musical instrument lesson.

So, if you’re still in doubt as to the benefits this fantastic event has to offer, here are five reasons to get involved…

New customers for your store
Offering free taster lessons is a great way of getting people into your store that may otherwise not have popped in. You never know, you may have a few new long-term customers on your hands as a result.

More musicians means a healthier industry for all
By offering free taster lessons on the day, your store is contributing to the entire MI industry by helping generate a wealth of new musicians.

Additional purchases on the day
With parents that may well be musicians bringing their kids into you store, it’s possible they’ll want to pick up a few accessories for themselves. Make sure you capitalise on this aspect of the day as well.

Raise your company’s profile
Last year, Learn to Play Day received extensive regional and nationwide coverage, with the likes of Sky Arts, the BBC and Time Out magazine amongst those covering the event.

Taking part in Learn to Play Day costs absolutely nothing. And you might just find yourself a few new customers better off as a result. What have you go to lose?

For more information and enquiries about supporting and getting involved in LTPD, contact Clare on 01403 800500 or

Full details of the event, including participating venues and local appearances, you can find Here: over the coming months.

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