NSPIRE, The Perfect Teaching Tool.

Friday, January 29th, 2016

NFUZD Audio is a new approach to electronic drumming. NSPIRE, the first drum set series for NFUZD Audio, is the first system to fully integrate the VST (Virtual Studio Technology) drumming experience to produce true Advanced Drum Emulation in a simple and easy to use package.

Four years ago, developers began studying the users of electronic drums and not surprisingly discovered that they were asking for better sound quality from their drums and for hardware and VST software systems that were easier to use. They also wanted the ability to add high quality VST style sounds to their electronic drum module.

Based on studying over 20 years of electronic percussion, it was found that most electronic drum sets included thousands of sounds that were never even used because drummers felt that they did not sound real. That’s where NFUZD is different. Engineered by the foremost VST drum sampling producer in the industry, the NSPIRE system uses uncompressed WAV files to provide a superior audio performance.


Players will no longer be forced to adapt their technique and style to conform to smaller targets and tighter setups. The NSPIRE System uses real sized trigger pads that fit on top of any acoustic drum kit in moments, allowing the player to maintain their acoustic setup and spacing.

Working alongside the FXpansion BFD software, a number of powerful teaching tools are also available, one of which being the Jukebox function. This feature allows the teacher to record the students playing (with a track if desired) and then instantly play and isolate that performance back for quick, effective feedback. This recording can then be sent home with the student for development and as a measure for improvement at the next lesson.

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