Sunday, December 27th, 2015

The beat is the core of any great mix. If the drums are not on point your mix will be off kilter from the start. Oh, it will sound okay, and many undiscerning people will probably not notice but for the true musician will. This post is designed to help you get the most out of the  recording studio and your drummer.

Drums and Microphones

While there are several ways to do this I find that these 5 things help you to capture the best possible sound. Getting that recording perfectly starts with how you mic up a drum kit.  Follow these drum recording tips and you will wow everyone with your mix quality.  There are two basics when recording drums (a) using the overheads and supporting this with a close mic or (b) build the kit using individual mics and saving the overheads for cymbals only.

Make sure you have a decent kit without this you will be fighting a losing battle anyway. Begin with your overheads  if you are using a stereo pair see how they sound. Are you results balanced. This is the time to decide whether you want more separation or if the sound you are currently getting sufficient.  Move the overheads around – don’t be afraid  to experiment to get him exact sound that you are looking for. If you recording vocals and drums this is important, you don’t want the drums to drown out the vocals.  Pressure Zone Mics these are cheap and can be taped to the wall in front of the drum kit. Blend the sound in to give your mixes that live feel.

What does the drummer actually hear  the drummer makes all of the playing decisions so knowing what sounds he can hear is very important when making a great music mix. Adding sound from this direction into the final mix adds energy to the mix. It will feel like you are in a club.  Most experts say that drums are the most challenging instrument in a recording drum studio. To get the best sound it is best to use multiple mics and for ultimate effects in your  drum recording make sure the drums compliments the song whether instrumental or vocal.



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