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Motivate your drum student to practice.

Saturday, August 8th, 2015

Drum teachers, hear this: don’t shout or pull out your hair. We know it can be irritating to get your students to practice drums, but it’s not impossible. If you’re reading this blog post, you probably have a several students learning to play drums, and you’re wondering how to motivate them to practice. If you notice that you constantly have to remind him or her, take some time to find out why he or she may not to practice. Below are some factors which may influence your students desire to practice drums. By paying attention to and changing some of these things, you may be able to motivate your pupil, and make drum practice more fun.

1. Practice Space
Does your student have a dedicated place to practice every day? This is important because drums require a lot of set up. If your son or daughter has to move their set around constantly in order to practice, then they’re less likely to want to play. Give them a set place to practice each day and they wont be discouraged about having to set up their equipment.

2. Necessary Materials
Does your student have everything he or she needs for practice? No one wants to play by themselves; does your student have a CD player, MP3 player, or computer to listen to music while they’re playing? This can make practicing easier, and make their practice time more enjoyable. Also, make sure your student has the right drum set and gear. For example, if they’re learning drum rolls, make sure they have a drum head or pad to use for practice. Make sure your student has the right equipment in order to succeed.

3. Practice Buddies
Does your student feel bored and lonely while practicing drums? Maybe he or she wants to play with friends rather than practicing? Encourage your student to invite one of his or her friends who play an instrument. Maybe tell them, “if you practice for 20 minutes Monday through Thursday, then on Friday your friends can come over for a jam session!” This is a great way to motivate even the most stubborn student to practice.

Hopefully these tips have taken some of the guesswork out of how to motivate your student to practice drums. When your student is learning drums, it’s important to be encouraging, and a great way to do this is to play along with them! Beating out a simple rhythm isn’t that hard, and you can play a hand drum or tambourine while your kid plays drums. It will not only help them become a better musician, but it will strengthen your relationship with your student.

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