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Where Drum Kits Evolved From

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

The drum set is over 100 years of age. Drums and percussion have been around for a large number of years before that, yet the idea of assembling drums and cymbals just truly began towards the end of the nineteenth Century. Initially drummers would play everything with their sticks and after that they started to mount drums in more advantageous ways and began to utilize their feet. A few drummers would actually kick the bass drum (subsequently why it’s otherwise called the kick drum) before the development of the bass drum pedal in 1909. It was monetary weight and the absence of space in show lobbies and theaters that in the long run constrained drummers to play more percussion parts (beforehand various percussionists were obliged – e.g. one for the bass drum section, one for the catch drum, one for cymbals and so on).

The drum unit truly began to end up perceived as an instrument in its own right amid the 1920s. Jazz performers showed never-seen specialized and physical abilities on their drums and soon soared to notoriety and big name status. As music grew through the center of the twentieth Century and particularly from the 1960s onwards, the drum kit turned out to be more noticeable in well known music than ever percieved.

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