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My Drum Lessons Top Tips For Beginners

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Seeing as you are visiting the UK’s best drum teaching website we’re speculating you’re here to top up on your drumming knowledge. We all have to start some where, so here’s some top things to consider when you are starting out and are behind the drums.

Is my posture correct and my back straight?

Are both feet the foot pedals with the heels raised?

Am I holding my sticks accurately? Check your grasp!

Am I playing to the beat when being taught a new song?

Am I keeping up with the pulse of the song when playing?

Where is the ‘one’ of the bar when listening to a music track?

When I’m honing my stick skills am I bringing my sticks back uniformly? Apply this to the single stroke rolls, double stroke rolls and paradidles.

Additionally, you may need to play along to music… the main guideline is, it must be brimming with drums and keep up a consistent timing throughout.

Put on your most loved collection and play to the entire record, either on the drum set or just on the practice pad.

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