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Drumming as a full tie job?

Monday, June 15th, 2015

We have been asked by several tutors and students about what advice to give to any person thinking of taking up playing drums as a full-time job.  Here are a number of thoughts and things you can do to survive as a drummer. Some you may already be doing as a drummer and some may come as a great suprize so let us know below what you think has helped.

Tip 1 : Be distinctive
To have a triumphant profession in drumming you desire a USP (Unique Selling Purpose) to face out from the group of drummers. It might no longer be adequate to be effectively a nice drummer to get in the market and get observed! Find the proper steadiness although be stressful in striving to reap distinctiveness. Getting on men and womens nerves doesn’t get you employed.
Tip 2 : Diversify
Drummers with a diverse range of core potential are extra possible to establish themselves as reputable musicians. Consider past the drum package. When we receive CVs at Elephant Drums HQ we perpetually wish to see evidence of an applicants full variety of abilities, not just the potential related to song.
Tip three : recognize your enterprise
The track enterprise is changing. Gain knowledge of about prior and reward industry units and carve out the way in which you see the longer term. Recollect you’re a industry working as a official musician you’ve obtained to be a businessperson. You may not like this, however the harsh reality is thats simply the way it is.
Tip 4 : be given criticism
Its all too effortless to get knocked down by using folks feedback. When unsuccessful at auditions or interviews attempt to take criticism as a positive and constructive factor. Should you turn it around so that you simply gain knowledge of out of your experiences, you multiply the possibilities of the following audition being a hit.
Tip 5 : Set your objectives
like any other jobs, you’ve bought to start on the first rung of the ladder and climb as much as the highest. You might have to get some unpaid work expertise, or take a job in something thats barely regarding tune in any respect however ask yourself what the highest of the ladder means to you what is your superb intention? In case you don’t understand what you’re hiking in the direction of it’ll be fairly complicated to get there. Do not forget that very few individuals are effective accidentally!
Tip 6, Encouraging words
There are numerous exceptional forms of careers involving drumming. That you can play in bands, become a instructor, work as a session musician, run workshops, use drumming for cure, work in recording studios, or get involved with track industry. There are a lot of opportunities to work within the field of drumming. The important factor of all is you’ve acquired to maintain on doing it, and keep on attempting. The harder you work at it, the higher the rewards. Just right good fortune together with your drumming profession!

Tip 7. Teach

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