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Drumming with your fingers!

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

So what exactly is finger drumming? Well its when you use finger pads to set off drum samples and played well they can sound pretty realistic as the video below shows. But is this really a good alternative to an analogue drum kit and a pair of sticks? This is what Xpress Pads (manufacturers of the finger pads) say about finger drumming.

This is for musicians of all backgrounds who want to expand their creative horizons and explore their rhythmical abilities. The XpressPads courses teach you finger drumming on a pad controller using only your hands. You will achieve ultra-realistic-sounding drum performances—ranging from simple to very complex, and in any drumming style you can imagine.

The XpressPads courses are designed to quickly teach you highly effective techniques. They are packed with tons of embedded audio beat examples that will allow you to immediately verify the expected training results by ear. The XpressPads courses follow a clear step-by-step training approach so you don’t leave out any important skills. The XpressPads courses contain important strategic training materials, such as performance measurement cards and beat matrices. This will help you to maintain a structured approach and measure your training progress. The XpressPads technique is equally suited for left- and right-handed people.

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