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Create Your Bands Stage Plot For Gigs & Festivals

Monday, May 25th, 2015

There is much more to being ready for a gig than simply rehearsing  your band until you can play all your songs with your eyes closed. Communicating with the gig venue before you get there can make the difference between a very stressful setup and a great sounding show. You will make the lives of your band, the sound technician, and the venue much easier if you advance your show with a stage plot and input list.

What needs to be included and how much detail should you provide?

In basic terms, a stage plot is a diagram of the placement of each band member/instrument that outlines where microphones and monitors should be placed as well as any other helpful information. The input list is a detailed list of all instruments, microphones, and DI boxes that your band requires and where they should be patched into the sound mixing board.

The stage plot should be simple and uncluttered, yet provide enough information for the sound tech to be able to set the stage up just like your own band would. It’s important that your stage plot is updated and current at all times. You never want to circulate an outdated document. See our example above.

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