WMFO want to kill their drummer

Band fundraising to kill their drummer!

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Americian punkrock band ‘Without Mother F**king Order’ had launched a crowdfunding campaign to kill their drummer, “Crash.” However in the name of good taste the crowdfunding site ‘gofundme’ has removed this campaign just when it started to get some money in! According to the band’s gofundme page, Crash has gotten a bit long in the tooth and therefore “it’s best he be euthanized.”

While Crash doesn’t look significantly older than any of his bandmates—vocalist Captain Perverto, guitarist Scumby, and bassist “Rodney” all appear to be in their prostate-danger years—Crash is a drummer, and that’s probably enough of a reason! Kendra Holliday thinks so. “Fuck yeah this world could use one less drummer!” she wrote, upon donating $11 to the campaign.

Including Holliday’s contribution, the band has already managed to raise $26 towards their goal of $100. Once the financing is secured, Without MF Order hopes to hire Tex Johnson to build his Death Machine. Johnson’s Death Machine is similar to Dr. Kevorkian’s Death Machine, but it pulls your head off instead of humanely administering a lethal dose of  potassium chloride.

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