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Phil Rudd has a very active sex life!

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

The press are really getting stuck into AC/DC’s drummer Phil Rudd saying things like he enjoys group sex, asks whores to call him ‘babe’, won’t wear condoms, paying on time – or sex workers playing with his pet dog. Those peccadilloes are among claims made by hookers who told the paper of their bizarre encounters with the 60-year-old rock legend, who has been charged with threatening to kill a man in New Zealand. ‘I would never go there again even if you paid me a million dollars a week,’ one escort in Tauranga, New Zealand told Daily Mail Australia.’He’s constantly got a girl, maybe even five. He is a sick bastard, trying to keep up with his image.’

Another prostitute who works in Tauranga, on the North Island of New Zealand where Rudd lives, said she had visited Rudd’s house and boat a couple of times and spent the night with him without ever having sex.’I’ve been there at night right through until the following day,’ she said. ‘I’m a mature lady and he wanted me to join in with the other girls. I just said no. ‘I’m not into doing anything with other women. He wanted me to. ‘What I didn’t like about him is he doesn’t want to use condoms. It’s illegal for one thing, I wouldn’t have sex without it. The amount of women he has been with, it’s pretty risky.’

In news that made headlines around the world Rudd was charged on Thursday with procuring a man to murder two other men between September 25 and 26 and with threatening to kill on September 26. He was also charged with possession of amphetamines and cannabis.

The procure to murder charges were withdrawn the next day. Crown Solicitor Greg Hollister-Jones ruled there was insufficient evidence to justify those charges. He still faces the threat to kill charge.

The identities of the man Rudd had supposedly wanted killed and the man he tried to hire to do the job have been suppressed. One of the targets is reportedly a 46-year-old martial arts fighter. The man Rudd allegedly tried to hire to commit the murders has told The Herald that Rudd hired him as a bodyguard when he was threatened for not paying prostitutes. He described Rudd as ‘the Hugh Hefner of Tauranga’ and claimed the amount of money he spent on prostitutes was ‘like someone’s yearly wage’.

One prostitute, who told Daily Mail Australia that Rudd was never slow paying her, described the bizarre scenes on the boat he kept berthed near his restaurant, Phil’s Place.  ‘There were up to four girls when I’ve been there,’ she said. ‘He sort of separates the girls. On his boat, he’d have one in his main room, one in the lounge area and one in the smaller room. He’d go to different rooms randomly.’He didn’t like us playing with his little dog. He had it in a little cage inside the house and we sort of made a fuss of it. He nutted off at us when we paid attention to the dog.’

The woman told Daily Mail Australia that Rudd would insist the escorts he called to his boat sit in a lounge area and wait for him. When he entered the lounge he would be so incoherent as to be incomprehensible.

The woman, who was working for a brothel and charged $1500 for eight to 10 hours of her time, said some other sex workers were intimidated by Rudd’s fame. ‘If he wants a girl he’ll pay top dollar and he’ll have sex with girls in front of whoever is there, right there in the same room,’ she said. ‘A lot of the girls will do whatever he wants because he’s a big player – whether or not they feel comfortable.’

The woman said despite the money Rudd was paying for her company he did not have sex with her. ‘I didn’t actually have sex with him. He wouldn’t use a condom.’ Instead, he made the woman perform chores while he was in a room with other prostitutes. ‘He gets girls to clean his boat – chores – and actually keep an eye on the navigation of the boat, for hours like I did…’.  ‘Sometimes he’s really slack if he gets pissed off with paying. He would get very angry quickly. He was a volatile guy.’


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