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Drummer Neal Smith Releases New Album

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Drummer, songwriter and founding Alice Cooper band member Neal Smith comes “KillSmith And The Greenfire Empire”, the third in his solo KillSmith series.

This conceptual metal adventure will undoubtedly be the last rock opera, destined to become a movie! The story of a poor boy who grows up in the jungles of South America, then becomes “Diablos the Emerald King,” the most ruthless and powerful drug lord in the world.

As a young boy, he makes a discovery of an ancient secret that has been hidden for thousands of years in pre-Colombian jungle ruins. The secret he discovers is an ancient sacrificial drug called “GreenFire.” As GreenFire’s deadly addiction spreads like wildfire around the globe, it reaches a country called “Blue Soul Land.” The havoc it creates in “Blue Soul Land” will unleash the rage of KillSmith with grave consequences.

“KillSmith And The GreenFire Empire” track listing:

01. Blessings And Curses

02. Good Morning Blue Soul Land

03. Screaming Bloody Murder

04. The Kill$Mith Överture

05. Palacio De Esmeraldas

06. Greenfire – Born Of Pöison

07. I Want Money

08. Pändemönium

09. I Remember Blue Soul Land

10. Death To The King

11. Noelle No Wonder

“GreenFire Born Of Poison” is the first single off of the album.

Neal Smith is best known worldwide for his innovative drumming and outrageous stage antics with the original Alice Cooper band. His solid drumming is the hallmark sound behind such classic 1970s Alice Cooper hits as “School’s Out”, “I’m Eighteen”, “Billion Dollar Babies” and “No More Mr. Nice Guy”. Neal is also a prolific songwriter, who helped pen many of the group’s best known songs.


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