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Want to play with a famous drummer?

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Would you like to drum with Don Powell (Slade); Paul Burgess (10CC) Graham Hopkins (Glen Hansard); Craig Blundell (Independent); Robin Guy (Independent) and Jason Cooper (The Cure)? Well here is your chance. We are looking for Drummers for a new world record attempt take place in Manchester in November that My Drum Lessons will be exhibiting at.

Marshall Amplification, Natal Drums and The Music Shipping Company have organised an event to bring together 1001 drummers to play the same drum pattern simultaneously on full drum kits, at The Music Show on 21st November at Manchester Central. The event is in memory of Kate Fenney, co-founder of The Music Shipping Company (who recently lost her 17-month battle with a brain tumour) and also to mark the deaths of the wife of Kip McBay (Guitar Guitar founder) and Jon Brookes (Charlatans drummer) who died last year

The aim is to beat the current Guinness world record of 798 drummers. Full details and registration to take part are available at

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play with a famous drummer

WHAT WILL I NEED TO TAKE PART? Once you register we can keep you up to date with news and announcements.

Pay the registration fee of £20 – remember, drumBEAT is not for profit.

You must bring your own drum kit which will consist of at least: bass drum & bass drum pedal, snare drum & stand, 1 x rack tom, 1 x floor tom, 1 x cymbal stand & crash cymbal, hi hats & stand and stool. Because of the size of this event please do not bring large kits. If you have a large kit, bring a striped down version: no double bass drums, 3 x toms (2 x rack & 1 floor) maximum 2 x cymbal stands max.

Please remember to bring sticks and a drum mat, or a piece of carpet, to set you kit up on. And remember, it doesn’t really matter how your kit is tuned as you will be playing with 1000 other drummers!

Every participant will get a goody bag which will include a limited edition commemorative Aquarian snare head and a pack of Hearos ear plugs (it WILL be loud!)

The 2014 record attempt will be a non-profit making event. All money raised will go to the Brain Tumour Charity. Aquarian Accessories, Cympad, Hearos and several other manufacturers are also throwing their resources behind this event by providing drumheads and hearing protection and other items free of charge to all who take part. All participants will also receive a complimentary entrance ticket to the show for the day courtesy on the Music Show organisers.

Here is a video of what the event could look like…


2 Responses to Want to play with a famous drummer?

  1. Bryan C. says:

    Jason Cooper should be rehearsing The Cure’s songs as he doesn’t play them well.

    Just search in Google or just read Youtube users’s opinions on Jason. The guy sucks big time!

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