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Tom Meadows Uses BC Gigster On Tour with Kylie Minogue

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

British session drummer Tom Meadows will be using his BC Gigster on the forthcoming Kylie Minogue 38 date arena tour to promote her new album ‘Kiss Me Once’.  ‘Kiss Me Once’ is Kylie’s twelfth studio album and Tom is busy promoting it with her and the rest of the band at the moment. He was also involved in the recording of the ‘Abbey Road Sessions’ album, a compilation of works that spanned Miss Minogue’s twenty-five year career, many with new interpretations.

On the previous groundbreaking Aphrodite Les Folies tour he found his BC Gigster ‘indispensable’. Talking about the product he said ‘The dynamic sensitivity and ease of use puts it in to a different league……the BC2 and Gigster will soon become industry standards, the only choice for someone serious about their monitoring’ he added. Tom has worked with many of the world’s top female artists; Leona Lewis, ex Spice Girl Emma Bunton, Girls Aloud, Duffy, Pixie Lott, Jamelia and of course Kylie. His recording and touring credits include other diverse acts covering many genres from jazz through to metal bands. He is also recognized for embracing technology and choosing to play a hybrid acoustic / electronic kit.

The BC Gigster, like its bigger sibling the BC2 is a silent tactile drum monitor. It is easy to use, rapid to set up – literally designed to plug in and play. Most importantly it can be used with both acoustic and electronic drums.

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  1. Lorenna says:

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