Drummer with Sydney Rock Band “Beaten to a Bloody Pulp”

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

According to Sydney five-piece Strangers, drummer Timmy Hansen was jumped by eight men over the weekend in Rozelle and “beaten to a bloody pulp for absolutely no reason”. While Hansen has lost a few teeth and has “some nasty swelling” he is expected to make a full recovery.

“Instances like this need to stop,” Hansen wrote on Facebook. “I don’t know the best way for it to happen, but I truly believe that curfews and closing down live music venues is not the answer. Let these kids offload their energy sweating it out at a rock show enjoying some live music instead of taking it out on the next unlucky person to be walking by due to boredom.”

In an earlier post the band pleaded for an end to the street violence: “What the fuck is going on with this city??!! … When’s it gonna be enough? The street violence and blatant disregard for other human beings lives and safety is out of control.”

The attacks come as Sydney is on the verge of implementing controversial laws on lockouts and last drinks in an effort to stem alcohol-related violence. The laws are set to come into effect in April, but have drawn widespread criticism from live music venue owners in Sydney.

Formed in “the badlands of Sydney’s southern beaches”, Strangers released their debut album Persona Non Grata recorded and produced by Tom Larkin (Shihad, The Getaway Plan, Calling All Cars) in 2012.


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  1. Vicen says:

    Hey Armand,Cool, you’re a drummer! Wish I could come see the show.Thanks for pintosg all the Surf’s up stuff. I look at it and get inspired from it on a daily basis. Which movie are you working on now?Hope all is well,Hans

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