Mats Not Carpets - SoftaMats and StageWorks Mats

Mats Not Carpets – SoftaMats and StageWorks Mats

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

These two products are a variation on a theme. The theme, in this case, being an alternative to carrying the traditional carpet – either proper drum carpet or your own ‘custom’ piece – with the variation being the design in how the two mats go about providing this option.

The SoftaMat is essentially a rubber mat with a smooth top side and a knurled underside. SoftaMats are made by SoftaPads, the long established manufacturer of drum and cymbal practice pads.

The StageWorks Mat is from UK company StageWorks and is made from two soft vented rubbery pieces with another fabric piece sandwiched in the middle.

Both types of mat are 18″ x 8″ in size which easily takes in any hi hat and bass drum pedals. The material of both pads is such that it folds in half with no issues and the size makes storage and transport very easy too.

I’ve actually been using these two products for a few years now and can attest to them doing exactly what they’re supposed to with no issues.

Initially, I carried them in my spares box as an emergency option in case I forgot my full on carpet. Then, in 2012, due to mainly my laziness and the fact I needed to use both of the mats I own in my studio, I moved to the mats in question full time. I have yet to regret my decision.

These mats are simple but effective ideas and really do work.

To date, I have only used the mats under my pedals and I haven’t ever really felt the need to also put any under my bass drum spurs as well. If I did, then I would need another pair of mats.

Both sets of mats are sold in pairs for about £15.

If you have a few pennies left over from Christmas and are a bit fed up with lugging a big carpet around with you, check these options out.

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