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Ben Barter Goes To Zildjian

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Zildjian are delighted to announce Ben Barter, drummer with Lorde has joined the Zildjian family of artists.

Virtually unknown in early 2013, Lorde closed out 2013 with four Grammy nominations, record breaking singles in multiple countries, and one of the hottest albums of 2013 – Pure Heroine.

The complicated task of translating the drum sounds from the album ‘Pure Heroine’ to the live arena fell to Ben Barter, a seasoned drummer and native of New Zealand.

Ben’s current set-up for live shows is:

14” K Constantinople Hi Hats

His studio set-up consists:

14” K Constantinople Hi Hats

20” K Constantinople Medium Ride (or 19” K Crash Thin)

22″ Constantinople Bounce Ride (Or 22″ K Dark Medium Ride).

Ben says “Getting to endorse Zildjian is a childhood dream come true. I love the dryness that the Constantinoples and K cymbals have and the range of sounds that can be produced from just one cymbal”.

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