David Lauser

Sammy Hagar’s Drummer On A Mission

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Sammy Hagar’s drummer is on a mission to make an experimental cancer treatment available for his wife.

“I’m torn between being angry and really sad every day,” David Lauser said.

Eight months ago, Liza Cozad Lauser was diagnosed with a rare brain stem tumor that has impaired her eyesight, speech and movement.

“They said it was inoperable and they said there is no cure. I mean, what do you do?” Liza said.

David found out about the news when he was touring with Hagar. When he got back home, the couple discovered an alternative drug called ANP, or antineoplaston therapy, described as synthetic chemicals that protect the body from disease.

After two phases of FDA-approved testing, however, the agency halted its use in part over concerns over how the research was conducted.

The Lausers say they have nothing to lose.

“It’s so frustrating and it’s maddening to think there’s something that could help her,” David said.

The couple posted an online video pleading for signatures on Change.org to convince the FDA to allow the ANP therapy.

“Why would you withhold something that would give her a chance?” David said.

Liza is currently undergoing radiation treatment, but doctors say it is not a cure.

“I just have to keep looking forward and just keep thinking that it can happen and going towards that,” Liza said.


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One Response to Sammy Hagar’s Drummer On A Mission

  1. Kate Leigh-Lasky says:

    I don’t understand when those that have a possible treatment & hope for Cancer (relief at least) are almost holding the Cancer sufferers to ransom by denying the use of the drugs or treatment & it’s cruel. In this country I have say there are some really good medical practitioners…but also there are a lot of unnecessary delays. It was reported recently that some waited weeks if not months to be referred to specialists…with Cancer these delays can and mostly are a death sentence. In a country where there are a lot of resources that are being wasted, why can’t we get it sorted out & get our act together to get a health care with basic compassion & care towards the patient & less on meeting figures & profits. There is and for a long time been the concentration on administration…rather than general care & treatment of the patient.

    Withholding a possible cure or cancer treatment is wrong and seems abhorrent to me …there are lots of issues that needs addressing.

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