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Drummer John Bonham To Appear On Stage Again

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Legendary Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham is poised to appear on stage again 33 years after his death — as a hologram.

The rocker’s son Jason Bonham, 47 — also a drummer — revealed he is in talks with special effects wizards so they can do a duet.

As part of his tribute act the Led Zeppelin Experience, he already drums along to videos of his dad, who provided the beat for classic albums such as Houses Of The Holy.

Jason, who has drummed for the real Led Zep, said he now wanted to take it to the “next level”. He confirmed: “I’m talking to people about holograms.

“My dream is to do a drum solo with Dad next to me.”

Holograms are fast becoming the hottest new gimmick in music and shows.

The new Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson One show features the late King of Pop dancing around the stage. It proved so realistic fans burst into tears.

Last year rapper Tupak Shakur — who was shot dead in 1996 — took the stage with bands at the Coachella festival in California.

Queen have even considered bringing Freddie Mercury “back to life” — and surviving members of The Who talked about using the technology on their Quadrophenia tour.

In a recent survey rock fans listed stars like Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and Jim Morrison as their dream reincarnations.




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  1. Valdo says:

    Dear Judy and Ocean,This year the Pale Lady has been truly busy reaping some of the best souls in the fidels of our Pachamama. It is almost scary to open the mail, to read who of our most beloved brothers and sisters has been called to join the other realms, leaving their frail trails in this more and more confused situation our Mother founds herself in our days. This time it is the turn of our dear, dear old brother Peter. Each time I do my presentation of From Utopia to Ecotopia , I tell the story of Peter, with some photos from him with the SF Mime Troupe, the diggers, his first visit to Me9xico, the bioregionals of the North, and his -I think- last journey here to the Consejo Bioregional of Meztitla in 1996. In that same audiovisual, I tell the people stories of how bioregionalism grew up in the consciousness of all of us, and how important part Peter and you Judy, played in this re-mapping of our lifes and committement to dedicate them to the service of the Mother and all of its children. Peter stands together in my personal Hall of Fame, with some other of the elder northern brothers that most marked my own path, such as Gary Snyder, Murray Bookchim, David Haenke, Steven Gaskin, Caroline Estes, Garrick Beck, Plunker Adams, Fantuzzi, the Marshalls, Starhawk, you Judy, Bea Briggs, Chris Wells, Glen Makepeace, Jose9 Arguelles and a few others I don’t need to name in this small memorial for my departed hermano.Maybe all of those who are leaving this plane now, are jusy getting together up somewhere to organize themselves first, and then us, to face the challenges of the coming emblematic year of 2012. We are for sure going to need a lot of support from all the dimensions, and we count on you, Peter, to lead us and prepare the way to continue bioregionalizing the etheric upper world, like you did it in this one.I send my prayers from the South for your journey, and we send all the love, support, strength from our tribes to Judy, Ocean and the Planet Drummers for the continuation of the tasks we are all devoted to.Siempre recordandote, always remembering youCoyote Alberto

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