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Headstock readies launch of new Tama drum range

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Headstock is preparing to launch the new Tama Star Drum range of hand-crafted Japanese drums.

We asked product specialist Adam Partridge what the range brings to the existing Tama line-up and how it fits in alongside the Starclassic series.

“Tama felt they wanted to take the super high-end drumkit to the next level,” he said. “By re-examining what had been learnt from the Starclassic series and utilising our expertise of the Japanese Factory, we took all that knowledge and research to create our new flagship Star Drums.

“We believe for the first time, we have created a drum that has 100% focus on the most important thing, the sound. We wanted to make sure that each drum had clear isolation from each other to remove unwanted sound interference. This also helped to give the Maple or Bubinga drums a great response with a full resonant shell and maximum sustain.

“In our minds, this was the right time to introduce something new and innovative to serious drummers who want the best sounding kit they could possibly get, they really have to be heard to be believed and the buzz around them is already running through the community.”

Why are people getting excited about this range? What’s so special about it?

“Every little detail has been fine-tuned ranging from Shell Materials, bearing edges that give greater contact to drumheads, bass drum spurs that avoid horizontal vibration and we have even incorporated a brand new memory lock system which makes set up quicker and less frustrating. It all adds up to the main aim of the reason behind introducing them, sound and playability.

“The response of Star drums reflects even the smallest nuances in touch, for a difference that drummers can actually feel and that allows for the expression of the music hidden deep within their subconscious. The separation achieved by minimising sound interference between each drum as much as possible provides immediate and accurate expression with any style or feel, and the most complex phrases come out sounding fluid and musical.

“The feel of Star drums is enhanced by superior design that converts energy produced by sticking to sound with minimum loss, while at the same time the reactive force felt in the hands when a drum is struck is minimised. This produces a characteristic soft feel with sticks as if they are directly touching the high-density air that circulates within the shells as they are compressed with each hit. All of this comes together in the harmonious sound of Star drums so that even the most refined players can recapture “that feel” from when they first played and feel a renewed joy and passion in making music.

Can you tell us about the features?

Tama’s innovations continue to evolve and improve on every aspect of the drum with features such as:

Super Resonant Mounting System

Quick Lock Tom Brackets

Special Hollow Floor Tom Legs and Bass Drum Spurs

The lugs are new and have been designed to reduce the overall weight of the drums and give it a more open, resonant tone.

“The inlay inside the drum is completely optional. The customer can go that far that they know they could get the inside of the drum with an inlay but only probably know it’s there themselves. They can even go without any Inlay on the drums at all as they are custom built from scratch.

“With the choice of deep and dark tones from Bubinga shells or more traditional open and bright sounding Maple shells each individual Star Drum kit can be perfectly customised to suit the individuals needs.”

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