White Zombie drummer dies

Former White Zombie Drummer Passes Away

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

We learned that former White Zombie and Last Crack drummer Phil Buerstatte has passed away at the age of 44.

The drummer played with White Zombie between 1992—1994 during the La Sexorcisto tour, and recorded three tracks with the band – “Feed The Gods” from the Airheads soundtrack, “I Am Hell” for a Beavis & Butthead soundtrack, and a cover of the Black Sabbath track “Children Of The Grave.”

This follows an unusual chapter in the drummer’s life when last year California police arrested a 46-year-old named Loren Breckenridge who had been accused of defrauding a rehabilitation center in Northern California for $75,000 while posing as Buerstatte.

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  1. Ageeth says:

    Dear JudyThe news of Peter’s death came as a great shock. Even writing these words, it’s hard to bieleve that he’s really gone. Somehow, though we met all too rarely over the years, Peter was always there, solid, rugged and dependable, a landmark in the landscape, always there when the mist cleared, a watershed, a landmark; like a mountain dammit! And a beautiful bloke.Peter’s work (and yours) reached me first when I was reading CoEvolution Quarterly back in the 70s and living in Wales. It affected my thinking about cities and ecology in profound ways that have deepened over the years. I can’t imagine, nor see, the world without thinking in terms of bioregions. I can’t conceive of ecocities without a bioregional reference. And I can’t imagine separating the strands of social activism from the idea of ecological action and city-making. He’s got a lot to answer for!My memory of people and places often seems a little muddy, but I remember each meeting with Peter with remarkable clarity, and as special times. Last time I saw you both was at the Ecocity conference in SF in 2008 and catching up with you and Peter, albeit too briefly, was a highlight of the trip for me! I’m going to miss Peter like hell. But you’re right, he’s still with us. For me, he’s woven himself into the very way I see the world. Cherie and I remember well when you both came to stay with us in Adelaide. Nonny, who was just 12 then, is now the mother of three kids and was around the house today, she remembered Peter incredibly well and with great affection. He is an unforgettable presence.I’m writing an ebook on ecocities due to be published (by New Internationalist) in a couple of months or so. I’d like to dedicate the book to his memory, if you think that’s OK. It feels like the least I can do.With much lovePaul

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