Will Cahoun Buried His Snare Drum

Will Cahoun Buries His Drums In The Ground

Friday, April 5th, 2013

The Living Colour and advocate of world Rhythms, Will Cahoun, buried his drums as a sound experiment.

The result is a brass snare drum which is currently being developed.

This signature snare will be called the Nomad. It is a 13” x 6” brass drum. He was inspired after he buried a brass Ludwig 5 snare drum in the ground for four years. When he pulled it out of the ground he sent it to China. They had a look at it, put some new hoops on it and sent it back. He did the same thing  with a few cymbals too, and commented that the resulting sound was amazing.

Will says, “Of course, they lose a lot of the shine and they sound more gritty. They looked like they were in a fire, but the peel is all over so it looks good.”

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